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From check-in method and transportation to room types and music, a variety of options and combinations give you the flexibility you need. Our convenient location allows you to explore Taipei or even Taiwan easily and enjoy the fun of travelling as much as possible.

“Living a fun and free life” and “sharing life with the ME generation” are the concepts which make HOTEL CHAM CHAM TAIPEI special. We offer smart technologies, chic and tasteful design and stress-free travel experience; CHAM CHAM is undoubtedly the best choice for young tourists around the world when they visit Taiwan.

CHAM Taipei 趣淘漫旅


Top 8 Check Points at HOTEL CHAM CHAM TAIPEI

  • 智慧科技伴旅,便利住宿

    Slow life

    Use the pour over coffee kettle for drip coffee or tea to start your beautiful holiday.

  • 智慧科技伴旅,便利住宿

    Smart technologies make your stay easy

    Self check-in service offered in the lobby saves your time

  • 個人音樂不斷電隨興播放

    Non-stop personalized music playing

    The Taiwan-made 5 in 1 wireless charger bluetooth speaker is a combination of QI wireless charger, bluetooth speaker, built-in microphone for hands-free calls, LED clock, alarm clock and thermometer.

  • 節能環保愛地球

    Efficient and eco-friendly

    The power-saving somatosensory electric system is installed in all of our guest rooms; you don’t need a key card at all. You can help protect the environment by staying at our hotel.

  • 自在旅行,行動隨選客制資訊

    Customized information for you to travel freely

    Kono digital magazines deliver latest trends about travel and lifestyle right to your smartphone. You can see the world while having fun in Taiwan.

  • 美食一級戰區FUN不停

    Endless fun for food lovers

    Here you can try local delicacies at Nanya Night Market (MRT Fuzhong Station) and Huangshi Market. Renowned restaurants such as Din Tai Fung, Chun Shui Tang, Kiki, as well as beverage stores, are just minutes away.

  • 視聽娛樂,商城好好逛

    Various entertainment and shopping options

    Vieshow Cinema and ShowTime Cinema are within walking distance; enjoy a movie anytime you want! Global Mall, Hi Mall, Mega City and FE21 are shopping destinations nearby that have everything you need!

  • 熱情服務,旅遊良伴

    Warm-hearted service by CHAM CHAM MEN

    Enthusiastic CHAM CHAM Men are your local tour guides who are ready to share all the information you need to have good fun during your stay.

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